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Concept Design Hotel Thailand

As a full-service architectural and Interiors studio, BDAI is thrilled to be engaged in the concept design for Hotel Thailand.

Our scope of work focuses on developing the concept design for the facade and the interiors.


Located between Ban Chuthathip City and Le Meridien Phuket Beach resort, the Hotel’s site is in a rapidly growing area of Phuket, Thailand. Due to the area conditions, there are new upcoming openings and massive potential for further growth.

The project comprises 24 rooms, two penthouse apartments with private swimming pools, and a rooftop with a restaurant, bar and swimming pool facilities exclusively for Hotel guests.

This exciting new development is a statement design to create an impact and ensure long-lasting memories. A place people will want to visit, enjoy and spend time in while indulging their senses.


Inspired by the site’s surrounding context, natural elements are mimicked in the design of the building.

The exterior walls feature a modern design and sandy textures to represent the tranquillity of the beach. The front and side facade windows frame stunning ocean views, whilst the curvy balconies imitate ocean waves and a golden perforated screen, the sunset light reflected on the water. Finally, the rear facade has been elevated by including soft, sandy textures.


The interiors of the Hotel have been designed to provide a fresh, relaxing experience blending a contemporary design with inviting elements of the surrounding context.

In the lobby, bright and soft curves elements with textured finishes were included to create a welcoming atmosphere. For the typical rooms, functional joineries and olive green tones paired with tropical wallpaper as an accent adds a young spirit and bring the surrounding context to prompt a relaxing experience.

As per the penthouses, a timelessly modern and minimalist concept with high-end details is considered, introducing natural materials throughout the interior to provide a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Besides, a┬áprivate swimming pool with skyline vistas creates a relaxing space to elevate guests’ experience.


To complete the experience, the rooftop of the building features an outdoor area that mimics the beach.

That was achieved by introducing a vibrant palette complemented by timber ceilings and high-end finishes that interplay between all the elements to create a functional, welcoming space. With magnificent ocean views, a bar and a rooftop pool with comfortable seating and roof cover are the ideal addition to keep the area warm, welcoming and suitable for entertaining.

For BDAI, this exciting new Hotel development is all about making a living space enjoyable through a delightful design. We create spaces with spirit; interiors that inspire. We deliver an exclusive balanced design that connects the surrounding nature with the building to provide a relaxing, unique experience.

BDAI’s unique approach ensures the delivery of commercially successful environments that indulge people’s senses and provide an unforgettable experience.

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